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Taiperng Electroplating (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.

Mob: (Mr.Ban)
Addr:Zhongshan Torch hi-tech Industrial Development Zone Hongye Road 3#, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

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  Taiperng Electroplating (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd. is located in Sun Yat-sen homeland -- Zhongshan Torch HighTech Industrial Development Zone. It is next to Hong Kong and Macro,the international and domestic traffic is predominant.
  The company was founded in 2000, the head office is Taiperng Chemical Co., Ltd.(founded in 1987).Being identification by our customers, the proceeds of Tai Perng were continuously enhanced. In 1997, to assure manufacturing quality and increase production throughput, our company moved to the new location in Tayuan. Now, S. Providing high quality plating products in an electronic market earned Tai Perng a reputation for excellence. In Taiwan, Tai Perng is the top 3 supplier of strip plating.

Quality attestation:
SGS ISO9001:2000 authorized: Nov. 2002;
SGS ISO14001 authorized: Dec. 2004;
SGS TS16949 authorized: July 2007;

Welcome the connection of messenger's incoming telegram of export enterprise of various circles of society to electroplate the business of processing accurately , we will try one's best to meet demands of customer.

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